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ACT and the Enneagram

A LIVE online Training 

This training will introduce participants to the Enneagram and how it can work with ACT. We will explore the 6 basic yearnings of ACT and how they connect to the 9 drives within the enneagram. We will also take a look at how parts language can be incorporated into the Enneagram. 

Friday, April 29th     9:00am-4:30pm
$130.00 Per person ($100 before April 8th)
$100.00 for Students/Interns ($85 Before April 8th)


6 CEU's


This training will cover:

  • Learn the 6 Yearnings of ACT and the 9 Drives of the Enneagram and how they can work together. 

  • Learn your Enneagram Type. 

  • Learn how to incorporate parts language with the Enneagram

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